Girl power:

1. Katherine Pierce ~ The Vampire Diaries

"Call it pride or vanity,but after the life i’ve lead i refuse to drift off into the sunset."

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Who has been your biggest mentor on the show?
Nat Dormer. I can ask her the most stupid embarrassing questions. I’ll be like “so what does it feel like to be in love?” and she will tell me and give advice. She’s probably my biggest mentor just in general life.
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arya/gendry + tv tropes

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Golden Retriever / Siberian Husky mix

That is seriously the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen.

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Oh, and his acting choices. I’ll give you an example. When I got back from Blackwater and I was on the rock and burnt to bits, we rehearsed that scene. And this is a man I’ve been breaking my back for for a long time. His first line was, “I thought you were dead.” And most actors, they’d stand up and there’d be a moment of recognition, that one of the family had returned.

Stephen decides he’ll sit down, with his back to me, and he just looked over his shoulder for a moment when he says, “I thought you were dead.” He gave me nothing! That was really brave, because most would go for sympathy or emotion, but Stephen has no desire to be liked. He just doesn’t give a fuck!

But for me, it’s brilliant for the scene! Because that’s how my character feels, like, “Is that all I’m going to get?!” It’s a wonderful, wonderful thing we have, that power shift. Stephen’s a joy, a joy.

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i'm a terrible awful person
                                but i’m working on it

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She did kill me! Although I’m weirdly better off.
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morgana’s wardrobe (series 1-5)

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favourite characters > catelyn stark, game of thrones

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"I love that girl. I would kill for her."

Shae appreciation week - day 5 - favorite Shae/Sansa moment(s)

↳ everything!

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[Morgana Pendragon Appreciation Week 

day three: favourite relationship(s)

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TO Meme - [1/6] Locations → Hope’s nursery

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"I loved her not for the way she danced with my a n g e l s, but for the way the sound of her name could silence my d e m o n s

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